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Need help? Call our helpline 0800 58 58 58
or Use our WEBCHAT.


CALM is a grassroots campaigning organisation, reliant on the skills, time and energy of a huge team of dedicated volunteers to shout loudly, raise awareness, and make an impact.

Our Volunteering Programme is currently oversubscribed.

Don’t worry! There are other great ways to get involved:

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Awareness and Contributing

“Volunteering with CALM…has been very rewarding, with opportunities to get involved in lots of different ways, from writing articles to representing CALM at student events and even staging a fundraiser.”

CALM’s Volunteering Programme is currently only operating in the South East of England. 

Due to the sensitive nature of the issue, we need to make sure all our volunteers are equipped with the resources to speak to the public about male suicide, and to feel confident in dealing with any difficult or challenging situations as they arise. As a small team, we currently only have the capacity to train, coordinate and support volunteers in this area.

“CALM and the issues it tackles are important to me for many reasons, both personal and social. Volunteering with CALM provides me with an engaging outlet to aid CALM’s message, and meet some fantastic volunteers and staff.”


Unfortunately we don’t take volunteers on our helpline.  Unlike many other helpline services, our calls are taken by specially trained & paid staff.


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