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Chris Sav

Featured writer

Chris is an artist, writer and occasional jam maker. He is co-writing a philosophy cookbook as part of a preserve concocting double team known as Jammatology. He spends his days drawing perturbed root vegetables and singing songs about trout whilst nervously waiting for cakes to come out the oven. He also dresses up sometimes, and does something remotely related to acting. Disappointman likes wearing odd socks and drinking nettle tea, he and his friends are attempting to make sense of the world through seemingly inconsequential moments in everyday life. They have joined the campaign against living miserably with the hope of brightening up Fridays with tales of strange chat-up lines, awkward musicals and talking cupcakes. Through his CALM illustrations, Chris hopes that people will join him in his attempt to make sense of the world, whilst laughing at its absurdity.

Follow Chris on Twitter: @disappointman


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